BUX Crypto is coming: make sure you’re among the first users

Hey BUXsters,

Following the acquisition of Blockport, we’re eager to welcome you all to the new BUX Crypto platform, where you’ll be able to trade cryptocurrencies. The launch is scheduled for the first week of March, at which point we will start on-boarding new users in a controlled way to make sure the platform offers stable performance for everyone.

This launch will be the first step in our plan to become the go-to platform for cryptocurrency investments in Europe.

Everything previously known as Blockport will be rebranded with the BUX brand during this period. This includes the Blockport Token (BPT), which will be renamed to BUX token (BUX) and it will maintain its original token characteristics.

To kick-start the launch, we are offering early users an exciting promotion.

Launch promotion

The overall commission for trading cryptocurrency at BUX Crypto is 0.5% on every trade. However, the first 5.000 users will be able to trade with zero-commission (0%) and earn BUX tokens.

This means that if you’re among the first that start trading at BUX Crypto, you won’t be paying any commission and will earn BUX tokens as a reward! This promotion starts in April and users that already started trading on the BUX Crypto platform in March will be automatically enrolled in the promotion.

When the promotion ends, you will still be able to trade with zero-commission (100% discount) if you hold BUX tokens on your account.

More details on the launch promotion will become available in March.



In the past weeks, the team has been working on optimizing and rebranding the platform.

Here’s what you can expect to see in BUX Crypto in March:

  • Zero-commission trading
  • Mobile & desktop access
  • Deposits and withdrawals in Euro
  • Deposits with iDeal, SEPA and Credit Card (Mastercard & VISA)
  • Trading of six cryptocurrency assets (BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, LTC, BUX)
  • Deposits in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and BUX
  • Withdrawals of all cryptocurrency assets
  • Open for residents of 23 European countries (complete list of countries will be available at launch)

We have decided to initially start with supporting a selection of six cryptocurrency assets so that our team can focus on preparing the platform for more liquid assets in the future. Our aim is to list new cryptocurrency assets throughout the coming year and include the community in the decision-making process for what assets to list on the platform.

Product roadmap

As BUX and Blockport both share a similar vision in community & social-driven investing, our product development strategy will be geared towards building unique and exciting features that bring beginners and advanced investors together to learn from each other.

In the coming month, we will focus on getting the new platform launched and running smoothly, as well as on-boarding newcomers and existing BUX customers. During this period we are dedicating time and resources to scoping the community features we will develop this year. This also means that we will involve our active community members to find out which community features add value to their investment experience. In addition to these, there are also other new and exciting features we’re working on.

We’ll share more on this topic in the next updates.

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