Interest on uninvested cash

At BUX, we’re dedicated to helping you do more with your money. To further support your financial goals, we’re providing you with an interest rate of 2.75% on uninvested cash.

Having idle cash reserves in your portfolio can be an essential part of your investing strategy, giving you the flexibility to react to favorable market conditions. Instead of letting that money sit idly, we want to reward you for keeping it with us by offering you an attractive interest. This means that you can earn a passive income without actually having to invest. 

  • All onboarded BUX users immediately earn interest compensation on uninvested cash.
  • Interest compensation is calculated daily based on the cash balance and interest rate.
  • Balances up to €100,000 are eligible for interest compensation.
  • Interest compensation is paid monthly. Typically this happens within the first two weeks of the month.

Who is eligible to receive interest compensation at BUX?

If you are a BUX user and have completed KYC, you can earn interest compensation on your uninvested cash. Your account with BUX must be active at the time interest is paid. If you close your BUX account, you won’t get interest compensation for that month.

How is my interest compensation calculated?

Wondering how we calculate your interest compensation? We check your daily cash balance once a day, including on weekends and holidays. To find your daily interest, we multiply your balance by the interest rate and divide it by 365. If your balance is zero or negative at the time of the check, we treat it as €0 for that day. Then, we add up all your daily interest values for the calendar quarter to get your total monthly compensation. Keep in mind if you have more than €100,000 on any particular day, only €100,000 of your balance will for that day’s interest calculation.

When do I receive my interest compensation?

Interest compensation is added to your cash balance on a monthly basis. We aim to do this within the first two weeks following each month. For example, interest compensation for January is usually paid in the first two weeks of February.