June 13-17 | All Eyes on the Tech Sector This Week?

The summer period is almost here and let’s hope it brings some optimism to the markets! Investors are still cautious as they battle with runaway inflation and central bank policies. Fortunately, there is some news coming up that could calm everyone’s nerves.

Major tech conferences this week

On this week’s agenda, we’ve got several big tech conferences with many distinguished guests:

  • Future of SaaS Festival US: We’ve recently written about the power of software companies and cloud technology. And this week, the major cloud players will meet (virtually) between June 14 to 16 to discuss the challenges of the sector. Guests include Abhishek Bathla, Senior Product Manager at Amazon, and Kelly Anderson, Head of Product for Google Cloud.
  • VivaTech: This unique event is taking place in Paris from June 15 to 18. It will bring together the founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, as well as other prestigious guests from Apple, Snap, and the co-CEO of Salesforce Bret Taylor.
  • B2B Online Connect: Curious about the latest trends in e-commerce and digital marketing? Then you can follow this conference in Amsterdam on June 14th and 15th. The guest list includes Estelle Delhomme from the digital service of TotalEnergies, and the head of Continental’s digitalisation department.
  • London Tech Week: From June 13 to 17, London welcomes more than 20,000 participants and 300 speakers to talk about tech innovations. Representatives of Zoom, OVH Groupe and even Cisco Systems will share their opinion on the future of tech!

If you’re interested in technology or invest in the sector, then these events can be very valuable. The talks can help you guide your investments, spot new opportunities and innovations, or discover new companies that are about to go public. With this in mind, you can keep your eye on several technology ETFs on BUX Zero.

Tech ETFs to watch

Adobe is shaping its future

Adobe, the company behind Photoshop and other design software, will report its quarterly results this Thursday, May 16.

In the highly anticipated report, analysts expect Adobe to post earnings of $3.35 per share. This would represent growth of 10.56% year-on-year. Revenue is expected to come in at  $4.34 billion dollars, an increase of 13.12% compared to the previous quarter.

When you invest in a company, it is not enough to simply analyse its financial health at the moment. You also need to consider its future plans to figure out whether the investment will be valuable in the long term. Regarding Adobe’s prospects, the company is improving the automation of its processes (creation of documents, online signature, generating contracts, etc.), by partnering with UiPath.

Pride month: LGBTQ+-friendly companies to watch

At BUX we stand for investing in companies that you believe in and share your values. That’s why we want to honour LGBTQ+ societies during this Pride month. 

In addition to doing good for the world, these investments can also be good for your portfolio. “Investments in businesses that support the LGBTQ+ community reap more than just numerical returns,” says Jonathan Lovitz, senior vice president of the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC).

To invest in companies that support the LGBTQ+ community through compassionate policies for their employees, you can check the equality index set up by the Human Rights Campaign. Among the companies that have a very good score are Apple and JPMorgan Chase. You can also look at the Global Gender Equity ETF (Lyxor).

Economic and earnings calendar

MondayOracle quarterly results.

Tuesday – Trade balance in the Netherlands (April). Inflation rate in Germany (May). Industrial production in the euro zone (April). ZEW index of economic sentiment of investors in the euro zone and in Germany (estimates – June).

Wednesday – Inflation rate in France (May). Trade balance in the eurozone (April). IEA report on the oil market in France. Eurogroup meeting. US Federal Reserve decision on interest rates. Economic outlook from the FOMC (Federal Open Market Committee).

ThursdayUnemployment rate in the Netherlands (May). Inflation rate in Italy (May). Trade balance in Spain (April). New vehicle registrations in the euro zone (May). US weekly unemployment figures. Adobe quarterly results.

Friday – Inflation rate in Austria (May). Trade balance in Italy (April). Inflation rate in the euro zone (May). Industrial production in the United States (May).

We’ll be back next week with another edition of the BUX Breakdown. In the meantime, have a great week on the markets!

This BUX Breakdown was written by Clémentine Pougnet.

All views, opinions, and analyses in this article should not be read as personal investment advice and individual investors should make their own decisions or seek independent advice. This article has not been prepared in accordance with legal requirements designed to promote the independence of investment research and is considered a marketing communication.