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New: Investing in Current and Future Trends with Rize ETFs

We’ve added three new ETFs to our list of assets on BUX from a European provider called Rize. These ETFs specialise in future trends, allowing you to invest in shares of companies that are anticipating the changing world. They are heavily focused on innovation and themes like digitisation, new technologies, climate and sustainability business.

Investing in new technologies can be risky, but it can also be rewarding because the companies in these ETFs are fully committed to growth. Think of investors in the 1990s who believed in the future of the internet. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the three Rize ETFs and the future trends behind them.

Education Tech and Digital Learning UCITS ETF

In the Education Tech and Digital Learning UCITS ETF (LERN), you’ll find stocks at the cutting edge of education technology. In this field, companies are embracing tech to provide more efficient access to education, through video content, gamification, immersion technology and more.

The way we learn is evolving rapidly as technology advances. And it’s becoming increasingly important to engage in further training to keep pace with automation.

More information about the opportunities and potential risks of LERN can be found here.

Sustainable Future of Food UCITS ETF

When you invest in the Sustainable Future of Food UCITS ETF (FOOD), you’re investing in companies that are pioneering the shift to sustainable food production. With the global population growing and climate change becoming more apparent, the world needs sustainable food production systems, as well as packaging.

The companies in the FOOD ETF are working on solutions to reduce waste food and improve efficiency. In other words, they’re helping to protect nature and ecosystems as much as possible and helping to reduce global emissions.

More information about the opportunities and potential risks of FOOD can be found here.

Cybersecurity and Data Privacy UCITS ETF

Through the Cybersecurity and Data Privacy UCITS ETF (CYBR), you’ll invest in companies that provide cybersecurity services. Their products help protect computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks and data from malicious actors. The demand for cybersecurity is only expected to increase in this digitising world.

More information about the opportunities and potential risks of CYBR can be found here.

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