The 10 most-purchased stocks & ETFs on BUX Zero in October

Which stocks and ETFs were investors buying on BUX Zero in the last month? Here’s our rundown of the top ten in October.


It’s been a turbulent year for TUI, with the ongoing health crisis and travel restrictions. Many are now betting that the travel industry will recover strongly when the US reopens its borders to foreign tourists. From November, vaccinated tourists can enter America again. The entire tourism sector is still lagging the rest of the market, but is the end in sight?


Petroleum stocks like Shell often move when something big happens in the oil market. And the price of oil has quadrupled since the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis. From around $20 in April 2020 to just under $80 for Brent crude. If you don’t want to invest directly in commodities like oil, you can get exposure to the market through stocks like Shell.

S&P 500 ETF (Vanguard)

The S&P 500 is the major index in the US, containing 500 of the largest names on the stock market. As a company, you have to meet a number of criteria to be included in the index. For example, you’ll need a market capitalisation of several billion dollars. This ETF is widely diversified across the American economy and is generally one of the most popular assets on BUX Zero.

Air France-KLM

Similar to TUI, airlines are also hopeful about the return of tourism. US borders will open back up to vaccinated travelers next month. And, on top of that, aircraft manufacturers are seeing lots of new orders, which indicates fresh demand in the airline industry. I think we’re all ready to get back on a plane!


Koninklijke KPN NV is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the Netherlands. The company is still getting a boost after news in September that competitor T-Mobile Netherlands is selling its business to Apax and Warburg Pincus.

Automation & Robotics ETF (iShares)

This ETF includes approximately 120 companies, including microchip makers like NVIDIA and AMD. Incidentally, this ETF was among the top five most-popular ETFs on BUX Zero in the first half of the year. This ETF could be a permanent guest in the top 10!

ABN Amro

ABN Amro is one of the largest Dutch banks (did you know BUX is also based in Amsterdam?) Financial service providers are generally popular due to the current market situation. The European stock markets are near record highs and the European Central Bank is still pumping money into the markets through ‘stimulus’ which is helping the banks stay busy.


Just like ABN Amro, ING is a bank that was particularly popular with investors on BUX Zero last month. Again, the entire industry has performed well. The stock markets in Europe and the US are close to record highs, and the banks’ investment teams can make lots of money from this!


As you probably heard, there’s a global shortage of microchips right now. The electronic components found in your phone, car and laptops are in high demand since the pandemic forced everyone to go digital. ASML sells semiconductors, so you can imagine they’re getting a lot of orders (and they can even increase prices). However, ASML has its own problems with delivery times and no-one knows how long this spiral will continue.

Deutsche Lufthansa

Are things turning around for airline companies? Lufthansa has now repaid some of its loan to the German government, and the aviation business is picking up again. Tourism is also coming back even if it is slower than before. All that means Lufthansa stock is popular among investors again. It’s been a difficult period for airlines, but perhaps Lufthansa is back to cruising altitude.

* Period from Sep 28 to Oct 28, 2021 based on the number of customers who purchase the product.

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