We are turning the financial world upside down. Again.

There’s no time like now to think about your future. Your savings are being hit by low interest rates and your pension returns look grim – put that together and the prospects of aging seem even scarier. But you can’t put it off any longer – you need to start investing for your future now. Well, actually, you should have started yesterday.

How often have you heard this spiel? And maybe that made you think, “I want to grow my nest egg and be prepared for the future…but how?”

By investing, you can grow your capital over time. As simple as that sounds though, accessing the investment world has always seemed hard and daunting.

Too expensive. Too complicated. Too time-consuming. As a result, you keep delaying your decision to invest and think, “Maybe tomorrow…”

But why should something so important be so maddeningly inaccessible at the same time?

In 2014, we decided to change this forever with BUX. First with a mobile app with which you could trade Contracts for Difference (CFDs). Today, we have nearly 2 million users in 9 countries across Europe. The vast majority of whom had zero trading experience before using our app. Now we’re going to expand that offering with a second app: STOCKS

An app that is more mature and sophisticated than our first product, which will continue to be developed further for our loyal user base. With this new app, you don’t speculate on price rises or declines, but you can actually buy and own European and US shares. That’s right – buying and selling shares in your favorite companies has never been easier.

This requires a different approach and mindset but of course, we will continue to do what we’re good at. And that’s building a great app with an intuitive design and unrivaled ease of use. One that’s secure, reliable and – most importantly – enables you to invest for free.

Soon, beginning in early 2019, everyone can invest in shares. Just with one simple app on your smartphone. Because in case you haven’t heard, it’s high time to start investing for your future.

The registration for the STOCKS app is now open! You can leave your email here to be the first to get access. You can also get a free share in your portfolio once the app is released! Find out how and sign up here.

In the meantime, we’re going to buckle down and work hard to get the STOCKS app ready. We can’t wait for you to start investing in the companies you know and love. So we can not only say that we’re turning the financial world upside down, but we’re also helping you turn your financial future right-side up. 😉

What do you say? Let’s rock the world of finance!

All views, opinions or analysis expressed in articles are that of the author and do not represent the views of BUX. Neither BUX nor the author provide financial advice and these articles should not be construed as such.

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