Zero-commission investing
how do we do that?

BUX Zero offers market- and limit orders. A market order is executed instantly. A limit order is executed at a predetermined price of your choice. Both order types will remain commission-free until April 2020. More info on the order types can be found here

This year, we’ll introduce the ‘basic order. Basic orders will be executed once a day at a certain time. This order type will be…commission-free!

Until we launch the basic orders, the market- and/or limit orders shall remain commission-free. After that we’ll charge commission for these order types. For a market order this will be €1 and for a limit order it’s €2. Long story short:

BUX will always offer a way to invest commission-free!

Oh, and one more thing: we’ll also be offering a subscription model. For a fixed monthly fee, subscribers can enjoy unlimited commission-free investing. We’re currently researching this model, including the monthly tariff. One thing’s already for certain though: the monthly fee will be less than what some traditional brokers charge for a single trade (and it’s also less than you pay for your Spotify or Netflix account).

Market Orders

Your order will be executed immediately according to the best execution principles. Placing a Market Order will remain commission-free in the coming months.

Limit Orders

Your order will be executed at a price of your choice. Placing a Limit Order will remain commission-free in the coming months.

No kickbacks

Unlike some other brokers, we do not receive reimbursements from stock exchanges or providers of investment products.

Withdrawals & deposits

Withdrawing and depositing money between your BUX Zero account and your bank account is totally free.

Custody fee

This is a fee that banks charge for the management of your account. In short: we don't do that at BUX.

Market data

This includes real-time data and charts that can help you make informed investment decisions. Everything is in the app and is always free.