Zero-commission investing
how do we do that?


BUX Zero offers market- and limit orders. A market order is executed instantly. A limit order is executed at a predetermined price of your choice. Both order types will remain commission-free until June 2020. More info about all costs & charges can be found here.

Later this year, we’ll introduce basic order. Basic orders will be executed once a day at a certain time. This order type will always be…commission-free!

Until we launch the basic orders, the market- and/or limit orders shall remain commission-free. After that we’ll charge commission for these order types. For a market order this will be €1 and for a limit order it’s €2.

BUX Zero fees

  • FEE
  • Limit Orders
  • Market Orders
  • Deposit & withdrawal
  • Custody fee
  • Market data
  • €0
  • €0
  • €0
  • €0
  • €0