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Head of Performance Marketing

Aron Disco

Aron traded in the world of dating apps for the world of finance where he’s now helping BUXers fall in love with the stock market. As a true Renaissance man, you can find him cooking, playing drums, and being an aspiring woodworker.

Client Account Specialist

Laura Loriot

Laura brings the French touch everywhere she goes. Give her wine and cheese and all is right with le monde. Even with strong French roots, she is an adventurous traveler and now calls Amsterdam home (no comment on the cheese). Laura enjoys going out with friends, dancing all night long (but will never say no to a cozy night in watching football).

Project Manager

Jasper Spierenberg

As linguist by trade, but a finance enthusiast at heart, Jasper has worked at several start-ups in the financial world before moving to the heart of Amsterdam and becoming a proud member of the BUX family.

CRM Marketing Manager

Bommy Cha

Bommy traded in the foggy hills of San Francisco for the foggy canals of Amsterdam. When she’s not sipping on some natural wine, she’s either lacing up her sneakers for a morning run or looking for her next jar of peanut butter.

Backend Software Developer

Olga Smirnova

Olga moved to the Netherlands from frosty Moscow over two years ago. When she’s not at BUX, she enjoys reading, traveling photography, a warm cup of tea and delicious food.

Office IT Specialist

Hari Rao

Hari is our IT wizard and believes every technical problem can be solved with just a smiley face emoji (and sometimes you can even Google it).

CS Representative

Melanie Maizen

Originally from Germany, Melanie is living the dream in the Netherlands where she dreams of escaping Zandvoort, Disneyland Paris and staying in with the latest Netflix series.

CS Representative

Wouter Strik

Wouter currently supports our BUX Zero CS team and in his spare time, studies Political Science, enjoys laughing, going to parties and watcing the markets (not all at the same time because that would just be awkward).

CS Representative

Jessie Sophie Tybout

After her studies and traveling to the US and South Africa, Jessie has returned home to the Netherlands where she now supports our BUX customers, and in her spare time, is prepping for her Masters in International Management.


Andres Lazoryk

Andres, originally from Uruguay, is a world citizen and is currently settling into life as a Dutchy by appreciating life by bike, cheese broodjes and dressing for all seasons in any season.

Group Head of Finance

Gerrit Worst

Gerrit’s life at BUX centers around the exciting world of financial accounting. As a South African transplant, he is adjusting to life on a bike, and despite his athletic prowess, is not very good on a horse.

Head of Business Development

Jens Maluck

Jens left behind the world of strategy consulting for the wild and wonderful world of fintech. He’s a coffee snob, bouldering fanatic and enjoys melancholic bike rides through the Jordaan.

Creative Designer

Kamiel van Eeuwijk

In a previous life, Kamiel worked in TV and docu films and like any good Dutchie, is a music festival enthusiast.

Backend Software Developer

Rostislav Tsiomenko

Born and bred in Russia, but a long-time resident of Washington D.C., Ross is now an official Amsterdammer. Upon learning a professional career in playing CounterStrike wouldn’t work out, he moved on to the next best thing — building software.

Backend Software Developer

Alex Zotov

Alex joined us with a warm heart and elf ears from frosty Siberia. When he’s not busy making magic happen on the BUX Zero dev team, he enjoys quality time with Mr. Cat (his appropriately named pet cat) as well as playing guitar and cracking the awkward joke when the time is right.

Android Developer

Dragos Raducanu

As a self-titled nerd, Dragos’ biggest complaint in life is that his parents didn’t name him ‘Dragon’ (auto-correct already feels compelled to call him that anyway). He can usually be found amusing himself on the entire spectrum of hobbies, from Netflix binges to going full-on on the football pitch, or snowboarding off the side of a mountain.

Backend Software Developer

André Brait

Andre, a native of beautiful Brazil, recently relocated to Europe for the love of exploration. With a keen love for food, dogs and technology (in that order), you can usually find him cuddling his two puppies, enjoying his new-found love of Dutch herring and building kick-ass apps for BUX (usually not all at the same time).

Head of Legal & Compliance

Myra van Essen

Myra is our legal powerhouse at BUX. While she is German-born, she’s a Dutch girl through and through. Can you even call yourself a Dutch girl until you’ve biked in high heels on a vintage Cinelli? Myra certainly can.

Mobile Tester

Matus Poruban

Hailing from Slovakia, Matus can be found enoying a number of activities such as pool-billiards, darts & foosball. When he’s not sharking people down at the pub, he’ll be here at BUX trying to break the app before release.

PR Specialist

Christa Connell

Christa joined us from the cut throat world of PR in Toronto, Canada. When she’s not obsessively following the news on fintech, consumer electronics and the latest cute animal videos, she enjoys cooking, exploring Amsterdam by bike and hunting for the best sweets in whatever city she’s in.

Backend Software Developer

Osman Cetin

Osman, a native of Turkey, lives with his wife and little pug, Nina. When he’s not busy guessing what season the Dutch weather will serve up today, he enjoys all things music, football and can be found daydreaming about that boat he might buy one day.

Backend Software Developer

Pavel Kutlunin

Pavel is a Java Developer from Omsk, Russia, but is now an honorary Amsterdammer. He lives life by the motto ”If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it” as demonstrated by his habit of playing guitar, volleyball and eating the same breakfast since he was 11. No improvement needed.

Backend Software Developer

Gorjan Zajkovski

Originally from sunny Macedonia, Gorjan swapped mountain biking and long, hot summers to fight the rainy Dutch weather with a smile on his face. He’s a musician at heart, enjoys playing football and making sure the BUX backend runs smoothly.

Web Developer

Laszlo Parazs

Laszlo is BUX’s resident Porsche expert/enthusiast and FE Developer. Originally from Hungary, Laszlo spends his days gaming, maximizing his Netflix subscription and finding creative ways to get more vegetables into his diet.

Customer Representative

Jesse Toussain

Jesse is a Dutch native, but loves the nightlife and traveling (both at the same time ideally). When he’s not jetting off to Ibiza, he enjoys playing football, and hitting up festivals with his friends.

Backend Developer

Philip Limbeck

Philip left the picture-perfect mountains of Austria for the beach life in the Netherlands. When not writing code, you’ll find him complaining about the ‘spontaneity’ of the Dutch weather and spreading the good word about Viennese coffee.

iOS Developer

Andrei Mamchenko

Born in Ukraine, Andrew spent the first 15 years of his career in the insurance industry before deciding he needed a new challenge in life. He spends all his free time with his two kids, cycling or stalking the streets with his vintage Leica.

Content Lead

Angelika Dehmel

From Marburg to Sydney before resting in Holland, our German editor brings a wealth of experience. Most recently from the Financial Times Germany. Like our good friend Bukowski, she enjoys the finer things in life; coffee, wine and a good book. Not always in that order!

User Acquisition Specialist

Vicky Wu

Born and bred in Taipei, Vicky enjoys sweaty outdoor activities and trying to duplicate her mother’s Taiwanese dishes in an attempt to cure her homesickness. After a 3-year stint in Germany, Vicky now calls the Netherlands home – though she still supports the German football team…

CS Lead

Svenja Nebe

Berlin-born Svenja jumped the Rhine and landed in Amsterdam to study. When she’s not having drunken dinner parties with friends, Sven can be found running along the Amstel or searching for the perfect cup of joe.

Backend Software Developer

Nikita Romashkin

A travelling foodie, Nikita can usually be found behind the cover of a book or contorted in a yoga pose. He’s passionate about his work and likes to keep a pulse on tech trends.

Brand Marketing Specialist & Country Editor

Pauline de Zeeuw

Despite her very Dutch name, Pauline is French. After detours through London, Copenhagen, Ivory Coast, Belgium and Luxembourg, she finally made it to the only country where people can actually pronounce her name!

Product Owner

Sergi Martinez

Coming from the sunny Mediterranean clime of Sitges, Spain, Sergi is a man of many talents who has even spent time with the family business baking bread and pastries. Ever the intrepid traveller, Sergi most recently drove across India in an auto rickshaw.

Head of Customer Support

Nigel Nowotarski

Originally from Northern Ireland, Nigel moved to the Netherlands for a Dutch girl he met while globetrotting. When he’s not working, he enjoys expressing his creativity through art, design, photography and music.

Backend Software Developer

Cristiano Fontes

From Railroad planning software in Australia to huge payment systems in Brazil & settling now in Amsterdam Cristiano has got around. If he’s not spending time with his daughter, he’ll be found bouldering, learning random things in podcasts, reddit, youtube and wikipedia, or just enjoying a good book.

Senior Product Owner

Dallyn Misquita

From mobile messaging apps to hotel e-commerce websites, our main man Dal has landed in fintech. He enjoys honing his craft at drawing.

Data Analyst

Eryk Lewinson

A Polish data science enthusiast, who aside from coding enjoys binge watching series, playing video games and reading spy novels. After studying in Rotterdam, Eryk enjoyed the city and weather so much he had to call it home and when he’s not at his desk punching keys, he’s at the BUX Foosball table challenging for the title.

Product Designer

Gayane Yerkanyan

Gayane Yerkanyan joined us from Armenia. She lives for fun nights, when she can finalise that one typography in Armenian. She previously worked at a creative center, where she experimented with art and designed her wildest ideas. What drives her is her curiosity and craving to become better.

Product Owner - Broker

Louis Langerman

Born in South Africa Louis was rocking the music scene as producer and sound engineer before his love for software and product development lured him from the studio. Now as Head of Product at BUX Louis has traded in his guitar in order to help BUX rock the world of finance!

Operations Officer

Jimi Sinnige

Whenever Jimi’s not spending his time socialising, he can be found studying up on blockchain and although never proven, he claims to understand the algorithms in Bitcoin. Usually very energetic, Jimi should be approached with caution, in particular when Ether prices are falling..

Head of Backoffice

Leander van Duijvenbode

Switching back and forth between the hotel and the financial industries Leander’s now settled here at BUX. He has a real talent for eating, so if he’s not reconciling accounts there’s a big chance he’ll be snooping around the kitchen hunting for that next fix.

Android Developer

Nikos Kermanidis

Originally from Thessaloniki, Greece Nikos has lived in the Netherlands fo over 6 years. A big fan of brewing coffee he’ll never leave the house without his aeropress. When at home he enjoys cooking, netflixing and chilling.

iOS Developer

Milan Stevanovic

Maybe it’s his big appetite or just his big heart but Milan is one of the first people to ever speak highly of Dutch food. All the way from Serbia, full of positivity and always with a story to tell, Milan has quickly found himself as a fan favourite at after work drinks.

Tech Recruiter

Riya Luthra

After a day of scouting developers for BUX Riya likes nothing more than relaxing in front of a Marvel film or behind the cover of a good book. An avid traveller Riya has had the luxury of visiting more countries than Donald Trump has offended.

Customer Representative

Franziska Jaeckel

Franzi crossed the border for her man and stayed for the Dutch Cheese. She’s at the top of her game supporting our German users and can be found after work dancing away to tunes, all night long. She likes to recover out with nature in the wonderful Dutch countryside.

Backend Software Developer

Marcelo Giesel

Born and raised in South America, Marcelo has traded the sandy beaches of Brazil to live in various cities around the world. Looking for a ‘cooler’ experience, the traveling nomad has decided to call Amsterdam his home for now. When not cracking code at BUX, he’s lighting up the BBQ in the park and planning his next motorbike adventure.

Head of Development

Sérgio Lopes

Sérgio left sunny Portugal to be with his Dutch girlfriend. He now also loves the Dutch summer, and it’s his favourite day of the year. At BUX, he devotes his time making sure his squad of kick-ass engineers are happy and in his free time, he enjoys playing classical guitar and trying to convince his cat to love him back.

Performance Marketer

Nira Santos

A chemist by trade, Nira decided to leave her island home of Tenerife to discover the world through volunteering. This adventure landed her in Amsterdam, where she now helps BUX’s Spanish users. In her spare time, you’ll catch Nira with wine in hand, studying the grapes of the world.

Editor ES

Cristóbal Crespo

Hails from Benidorm, now a resident of Amsterdam after detours in Santiago, Warsaw, London and Edinburgh. He is trying to improve the elbow pass of Jason Williams. Music and basketball are his passions.

Freelance Writer

Ben Brown

Ben is one of our writers on the ground in London. By day he writes sensible news stories for The Huffington Post. By night, he injects fierce wit into the stock market at BUX.

Brand Marketing Specialist & Country Editor

Leonardo Siligato

Born and raised in Milan, he holds a Master’s Degree in Economics and previously worked in radio production for a large Italian news station. A mountains lover, he couldn’t choose a better place to live than The Netherlands.

Customer Representative Italy

Enrico Cazzin

Originally from Venice, Enrico decided to pack up and move North. He decided on Amsterdam because he missed the canals and bridges. He enjoys riding his old bike through the city and is passionate about wine, reading and movies.

Freelance Writer DE

Marvin Engel

Some people think multitasking is a woman’s superpower but Marvin is living proof that’s not entirely true. He is a freelance writer in the German editorial team, a full-time project manager, a part-time martial arts coach and a frequent traveller. How can someone juggle all those roles? Ladies, that’s multitasking.

Senior Creative Designer

Paulo Bastos

All the way from Rio De Janeiro and with a keen eye for detail Paulo is well suited to lead the design for BUX’s marketing and communication team. Just don’t turn up the heat, unlike most South Americans our boy Paulo likes it chilled.

Head Chef & Office Manager

Margy Kitchiner

Nigella beware, there is a new top cook in town. Introducing Margy. Dutch born, ex-English expat with a passion for cooking. Margy is quickly becoming a BUX crowd favourite.

Head of Business Intelligence

Derek Willemsen

Data alert data alert. A robot that speaks SQL and enjoys A/B testing on his identical twin boys now leads BUX in business intelligence! Welcome Data Derek.

HR & Finance Administrator

Sarina Liptiay

Our resident chocoholic speaks three languages fluently. Born in Deutschland and living in the Netherlands for 20+ years Sarina has also spent time living abroad in Asia and South America. On the weekends you’ll find her dancing with friends or hanging with her hound Lola.

Manager Finance & HR

Jeannette Dragt

Our CFO Egbert’s right-hand woman. No receipt goes unnoticed with her! She analyses the company figures, which give us a bit of insight in how we’re actually performing. And she takes care of HR.

Localization Manager

Miruna Parchirie

Eating at a Michelin star one night, hibernating with her cat the next is how Miruna likes to spend her time. She’s also the office’s current language champion speaking 4 languages fluently. This makes Miruna’s role at BUX as localization manger a perfect fit.

Head of Brand & Communications

Asya Kapitonova

On the days when Asya’s not falling off her bike, or instagamming her life in and around Amsterdam, you’ll find her in charge of all things brand & communications related with a coffee not too far away.

iOS Developer

Ian Guedes Maia

Ian’s really quite pragmatic and rational … for a Brazilian! And he’s mastered Android equally as well as iOS – just like the rest of the mobile guys, which is pretty remarkable.

Marketing Campaign Coordinator

Anouk van Santvoord

When she’s not busy managing marketing campaigns, Anouk the resident foodie can be found in the kitchen, cooking, eating or taking pictures for our @buxlunch Instagram page.


Nick Bortot

The man with the plan. Nick was one of the driving forces behind the success of BinckBank, but with BUX, he’s gladly swapped the luxury of the boardroom for hands-on entrepreneurship.


Egbert Pronk

Our stock market veteran and financial guru. Our office chairs may be broken, but in his infinite wisdom he remembers us: “The less money we spend now, the more time we get to make BUX a success”.

Chief Architect

Joost v.d. Wijgerd

Responsible for our technology. His background is in fast-growing high-tech startups (like eBuddy), so Joost knows exactly what ‘scalable’ means.


Yorick Naeff

Was well on his way to become a high flyer with a very, very large bank. Gave that all up to get in charge of BUX’s operations. Contrary to what you might think now, he’s actually quite smart.

Brand Marketing Specialist & Country Editor

Stevan Zmiric

Went from a beard to a moustache. That pretty much says  it all.

Design Lead

Ramon Gervais

One of the few people who can explain the difference between UX and UI. Learned his trade at Dutch tech giants like Marktplaats and Hyves. We’re happy to see that BUX is looking much better!