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¹ Bid/Ask spreads are implicit, third party costs. As such, they are not deducted from your account in addition to the price you are paying for the stock. Their estimate is based on the average historical spread on the stocks we offer, calculated over the last 2 years.

² When you buy, sell or receive dividends from US stocks, we need to convert the equivalent amount from EUR to USD or vice-versa for you. For this service, we apply an FX markup of 0.25% to the EUR/USD FX spot rate.

³ Indication of cost charged by fund manager (estimation based on average cost, the total expense ratio per ETF can be found in the KiiD).

⁴ The conservative return for European stocks was calculated as the average historical return of all European stock exchanges on BUX Zero. The conservative return for US stocks was calculated as the historical annualized return of the S&P500.

⁵ Average historical return + average historical std.

Note: the table above shows the cumulative effect of the costs of buying a share on its return overtime under a number of assumptions. Actual returns may differ substantially from those shown in the hypothesized scenarios. Returns on investments in company shares can be negative and the whole capital can be lost. The costs shown in the table do not include costs incurred when eventually selling the share. The cost of selling a share is dependent on the chosen order type, on the bid/ask spread on the price of the share at the moment of selling, as well as on the currency in which the share is denominated, on its exchange rate with the currency in which the user’s portfolio is denominated, and on the spread on that exchange rate at the time of selling. An estimate of these costs can be found at the top of this page.