How She Turned €100 into €28,000

March 6 by Angelika Dehmel

Editor’s Note: This interview has been translated from German.


Tripled your returns? Well, even your track record would look shabby next to that of German BUX user Carina, who started with an investment of €100 on BUX and has grown that to over €28,000* today!


How did she do it – and what does Abercrombie have to do with it?


BUX: From €100 to €28,000* – you’ve come a long way! But every long journey starts with a small step…So how and when did you discover BUX?


Carina: It was really the TV commercial. I saw it and thought, ‘I need to check this out.’ My dad has been trading stocks for 30 years, so I thought about getting into it as well but never really did. Then in 2016, I finally took the plunge with the BUX app.


BUX: Did you have any experience with trading before that?

Carina: No, not really. That’s why I started with virtual money, that is with funBUX. It went quite well and after two or three months, I made the switch to real money.


BUX: To what extent have the other BUXsters helped you to improve your trading knowledge?


Carina: It’s always been very interesting to see what others are doing and how they feel a stock might perform. It’s really exciting to see if we’re going in the same direction – or if we take extremely different positions on a stock. Sometimes I think, ‘Hmm, maybe I should’ve done things differently. Especially if everyone else is saying the share price will go up and I’m saying it will fall.’ But really, the odds are 50/50. I also participated in Battles but I never won because I was always pretty bad!


BUX: If you were so bad, how did you end up with such a great return on your investment??


Carina: At first, it was a bit ‘meh’. I was initially losing money most of the time and I thought I would never recoup my losses. I made too many trades with too small amounts of capital. €20 here, €20 there, and then it would all be gone. The turnaround came with Abercrombie.


BUX: What happened there?


Carina: I opened a position in Abercrombie and it delivered a huge return on my investment. But I had only put in €20 so my actual profits weren’t that big. That annoyed me so much because I kept thinking about what it could’ve been if I had put in €100. So I thought, ‘OK, now I have to  change my approach and reinvest everything I’ve made in this stock.’ Then suddenly, my profits were soaring through the roof. It went from €100 to €200, then to €400…and before I knew it, I had made a €1,000 profit.


BUX: But Abercrombie is an extremely volatile stock.


Carina: Yes, but that’s a good thing. That’s why I was able to make so much profit – because of its volatility. It’s difficult to know when to exit a stock though. Recently, I lost a lot on a position and was down to €8,000 or €9,000 again. But I recovered from that and was back at the level where I entered the trade, that’s when I closed the position. Now I’ve opened another position which has netted me a +50% gain. I stand by Abercrombie!


BUX: There are relatively few women trading. What do you think can be done to bring more women into the world of trading?


Carina: I think historically, there have always been more men than women in the stock market. The BUX app is really good for getting started with trading though. You can see how everything develops and learn from others. I was usually one of the few women participating in the Groups and Channels on BUX but this never affected my experience.


BUX: We’ll release a new app soon, this time with real stocks instead of CFD stocks. Will you be there too?


Carina: I’ll have to see if I can handle it all! But the app sounds really interesting to me.


BUX: Did you show your dad your BUX portfolio and if so, what did he say?

Carina: My father was really amazed! I had shown him my portfolio when it was still around €1,000 and his reply was: “It’s a pity that’s it not real money.” And I said, “That IS real money!”


Then he asked, “Oh, so how much did you invest?” I told him €100 and he said, “Not bad!” He’s a bit proud.


BUX: We would be too if we were your old man!


*Account value as of 7th of March 2019 15:00 hrs GMT


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