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Top 6 and a Half Warren Buffett Stocks

March 8 by Stephanie Tan

Whether you’re a noob who’s taking a crack at stock trading for the first time or a savvy trader who wants to learn from the best, Warren Buffett is your man.

They call him the “Oracle of Omaha.” His foresight and uncanny knack for picking out winning stocks have made him possibly the most legendary investor of our time. So let’s take a look at some of the choice stocks in his portfolio!

1. Apple
Even though Buffett doesn’t even own an iPhone, he doubled his stake in the tech giant in 2017. He now holds $18 billion worth of Apple stock! While he has typically avoided tech stocks like the plague, why is Apple an exception? Well, the billionaire investor apparently sees Apple as a strong consumer product company – which is his favourite type to invest in.

Taking a juicy bite of Apple stock

2. Coca Cola
As one of the largest and longest investors in Coca Cola, Buffett doesn’t seem all that concerned about the tide of public sentiment turning against soft drinks. He doesn’t care that fizzy sugar water is out and kale smoothies are in. If we can learn one thing from the 86-year-old who continues to guzzle down about 5 cans of Coke a day, it’s this: Ignore trends and buy what you truly like.

Warren, on a scale of one to Elf, how much Coke are you drinking?

3. Delta Airlines
Just back in 2013, Buffett referred to the U.S. airline industry as “a deathtrap for investors.” But he changed his tune recently and shocked everyone by snapping up airline stocks, including a $3 billion stake in Delta. So what gives? Well, Buffett thinks airlines just ‘got a bad century out of the way,’ meaning the most turbulent times may be behind them – and there could be no way but up from here. Ironically, the man hasn’t even flown a commercial flight in years…

 They’re definitely not flying Delta…

4. Kraft-Heinz
A few years ago, Buffett masterminded the purchase of Kraft and then, the takeover of Heinz. But it seems like Buffett’s still not done with deals…After Kraft-Heinz’s failed bid for Unilever, it’s believed the food giant will continue to be on the prowl to acquire another producer of pantry staples. So this ketchup and macaroni and cheese empire could be expanding in the near future…

 Will those profits be splashing or dribbling out like ketchup?

5. Monsanto
After news broke out of Monsanto’s potential merger with Bayer, Buffett gave it the seal of approval by taking a large stake in the seed giant. The merger would create an industry franken-giant so regulators will scrutinise it more closely than a Playboy centerfold by pubescent boys. But if the deal goes through, the all-cash nature of Bayer’s $66 billion bid would make Monsanto’s stock hot property to own in the future.

 How environmentalists are reacting to the hookup between Bayer and Monsanto…

6. GM
The king of investing tends to hold stocks longer than a horror movie ghost can hold a grudge. He’s known for investing for the long haul – for years, sometimes even decades. So while other investors may be fretting about auto industry trends, Buffett seems to have faith in the long-term outlook for the American automaker. In addition, he also loves seeking out a good deal and with a juicy dividend yield of nearly 5%, GM also happens to be one of our favourite high dividend stocks.

From Coke to Chevrolet, Buffett loves classic American icons

6 ½. Berskhire Hathaway
OK, since Buffett is the boss of this company, it can’t be counted as just another stock in his portfolio. Investors love this monstrously big conglomerate’s diversified revenue streams. From insurance and ketchup to diamonds and private jets, there’s almost no pie Berskhire doesn’t have a finger in.

 Berkshire Hatha-getoutta-way, that’s how big the company is

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Stephanie Tan

Nomadic wordsmith who has dabbled in public relations, media and now, casual trading. She may not have a head for numbers but she enjoys doing cyber-sleuthing on companies and loves being immersed in all things tech. Connect with her on BUX: @Stephtrades

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