Just like in racing, it's all about timing when trading stocks around earnings season...

Top 6 Earnings Season Stocks

October 4 by Angelika Dehmel

Earnings season – which happens every quarter when companies report their performance – tends to drive a lot of stock price action. But which stocks in particular do people love to trade around earnings reports? At BUX, we took a look at our user data and crunched the numbers to bring you this list:

  1. ArcelorMittal

As the largest steelmaker in the world, the Luxembourg-based company’s performance can depend a lot on commodity prices. While the share price barely budged following the announcement of its most recent quarterly figures (in July 2017), this didn’t stop BUX users from trading.

  1. Fitbit

Stock market adrenaline junkies are in luck. The activity tracker maker’s stock can be pretty, well, active around earnings. This can result in double-digit price movements in either direction. Since the market’s expectations are rather low these days, even lackluster results that are “not as bad as expected” can push up shares. So trade this with caution, especially if you’re shorting the stock.

  1. Nvidia

For those of you who put money into Nvidia some time ago, pat yourself on the back. But if you’re not one of those who got in early? Well, the US chip maker’s quarterly figures announcements are often a good time to jump into the fray. It’s currently the Wall Street analysts’ darling as it’s widely believed the company will become a dominant player in artificial intelligence. But there are also some who think it has chinks in its armour… Which side of the fence will you be on when the next earnings rolls around?

  1. Tesla

Elon Musk has almost single-handedly made the electric car cool. As far as stock market value is concerned, Tesla is now worth even more than leading automakers like General Motors or BMW. Analysts either love the stock or believe Tesla to be totally overvalued. But if you love short-term price swings, this is the stock for you. Shares rose by more than 6% after its second-quarter 2017 results. Tesla might not run on fuel – but the stock definitely gets a lot of mileage.

  1. Apple

In principle, there are several highlights on the calendar for Apple stock watchers. There are the tech giant’s highly anticipated keynotes and events, which is when new products are unveiled. And then there’s earnings season, of course. After it beat expectations for third-quarter 2017, the stock rose to a record high. So look out for big post-earnings reactions from the market when it comes to Apple.

  1. Snap

Snap is a volatile beast – that means a lot of short-term trading opportunities. While it enjoyed a splashy and overhyped IPO (initial public offering) in March 2017, its first few months as a public company were very rocky. And this turbulence can be turbo-charged around earnings. After it released its last quarterly earnings report in August 2017, the stock plummeted by double digits in pre-market trade.

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