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Latest update: 14-07-2016

When you perform a trade, we will charge you a small amount. This is what we call the Trade Fee. The Trade Fee is a percentage of the total Trade Size, also referred to as the total value of the investment. For example, if you invest €250* in the stock Google, then the value of the trade is €250. Before you initiate a trade, we will show the exact Fee amount below the Trade button.

* Please note that the prices below are shown in Euros. All pricing is however dependent on the base currency of the account holder.

Minimum Fee €0.25
Total Trade Size Trade Fee
€0 — 5,000 0.15%
More than €5,000* 0.12%
Italian Stocks (only)
Minimum Fee €0.80
Total Trade Size Trade Fee
€0 — 2,500 0.20%
€2,500 — 5,000 0.18%
More than €5,000* 0.16%
*For Stock there is currently a maximum Trade Size of €10,000
Indices (e.g., UK100 INDEX)
Minimum Fee €0.25
Total Trade Size Trade Fee
€0 — 5,000 0.06%
€5,000 — 25,000 0.05%
€25,000 — 75,000 0.04%
€75,000 + 0.03%
Currencies (excl. bitcoin)
Minimum Fee €0.25
Total Trade Size Trade Fee
€0 — 5,000 0.05%
€5,000 — 25,000 0.04%
€25,000 — 75,000 0.03%
€75,000+ 0.02%
Minimum Fee €0.25
Total Trade Size Trade Fee
€0 — 5,000** 0.55%
**For Bitcoin there is currently a maximum Trade Size of €5,000
Commodities (e.g., gold or oil)
Minimum Fee €0.25
Total Trade Size Trade Fee
€0 — 5,000 0.10%
More than €5,000 0.08%

Multiplier (+ Example!)

With BUX, you can also use a Multiplier. This means you are investing with leverage. For example, if you invest €250 in the stock Google and you apply a Multiplier of 3, than you are actually investing 3 times €250, meaning €750, in Google.

The benefit of using a Multiplier is that you can do larger trades with smaller amounts of money. This means you can profit faster. However, the disadvantage is that you can lose money quicker as well when things don’t go the way you predicted. Therefore: always be cautious!

When you use a Multiplier, the total Trade Size is similar to the invested amount times the Multiplier. In the example above this is €750. But remember: with BUX you can never lose more than the amount that you invested. In the example your maximum loss is therefore €250.

Financing fee

In the example of the Multiplier, you are actually using money from BUX; you are investing €250 yourself and BUX is increasing the amount with another €500. For this additional amount you have to pay a certain interest rate. This is what we call the “Financing Fee”. We will charge you this fee on a daily basis at 23:00h GMT.

The interest rate that BUX is charging for this Financing Fee is based on “The local interest rate (e.g., Eonia in Europe)”. This is a common used interest rate that banks charge each other. On top of the local interest rate we charge an additional 2.5% on an annual basis. For Bitcoin this percentage is 20%.

To explain the price for the Financing Fee in more detail, we would like to provide you with an example:

Financing fee calculation – example

Say, you invest €100 in stocks from Facebook with a Multiplier of 5, which means the Trade Size is €500. Because you are investing €100 yourself, we will reserve an additional amount of €400. We will charge you a daily interest rate for this €400 which we call the Financing Fee.

The Financing Fee is always charged per day. Say that Local Interest rate or Eonia for a European product is at that moment 0.2%, this means you will pay an annual interest rate of 2.7% (0.2% + 2.5%). We will always calculate this back to a period of 1 day. The interest rate will subsequently be applied to the €400 and then rounded up with a plurality of €0.01. In this example, this means you will be charged a daily Financing Fee of €0.03.

The example mentioned above is applicable when you think that an investment will go up. If you stated that the investment will go down, the Financing Fee is often less.

The calculation of the Financing Fee is dependent on the type of investment that you are doing. Therefore, you can always request a more detailed overview where all specific calculations are explained. If you are interested in this, please mail us on and we will gladly send this to you.

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Your capital is at risk. CFDs are not suitable for all investors. Please ensure that you understand the risks involved.