Savings Plan

Build your portfolio every month

Create your Savings Plan in the app and start investing on a regular basis. Customise your plan with fractions of stocks and ETFs, then we’ll automate it, to help maximise your returns.

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Set up your monthly Savings Plan in 3 easy steps

Choose stocks and ETFs

Add companies and ETFs you believe in, from a range of industries.

Set the amount to invest

Select an amount for each asset, starting from €10 per asset.

Pick a date and a goal

Choose the date and name each plan after a different financial goal.
Once you’ve created a plan, we’ll automatically execute it for you every month. Feel free to pause, edit or even cancel your plan anytime.

How to make your plan

How to make your plan

Useful links to get you started

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Savings Plan

Everything you need to know about the Savings Plan