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6.1K+ Reviews
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Don’t let fees eat away at your profits

Commissions take a big bite out of your profits, even more so when you invest small amounts. With BUX Zero, you can invest without having to pay commissions.


  • NEW! All Orders on Crypto
  • NEW! All Fractional Orders
  • All Orders on US Shares
  • Zero Orders on EU Shares
  • Zero Orders on ETFs
  • Deposits & Withdrawals
  • Custody Fee
  • Real Time Quotes


  • Market Orders on EU Shares and ETFs
  • Limit Orders on EU Shares and ETFs

Stocks, crypto, 
fractional shares and
ETFs – all in one app

Build your financial future with a diverse 
set of instruments. All available at 
zero commission.

NEW! Crypto

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EU and US stocks

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Experience a new way to invest

  • Open a free account in minutes, no more paperwork or lengthy waiting times.
  • Deposit or withdraw your money for free, quickly, and at any time.
  • Search for specific assets and create lists of your favourite stocks and ETFs.
  • Get inspired by our curated lists, and find companies that pay dividends.
  • Explore diversification with fractional investing and crypto

Meet all your investment needs, directly in the app

  • Get fresh jargon-free news and educational content, at your own pace.
  • Join and connect with the largest community of European investors.
  • We’re regularly adding new stocks and ETFs. Send us your requests.
  • Get help and answers from our best-in-class Support Team.

Invest with confidence

BUX Zero is available in 7 countries, making it the largest neobroker in Europe. Join over 500,000 other Europeans who decided to invest with us.

We work with a very experienced partner. ABN AMRO Clearing holds your money and offers the system that enables you to buy and sell shares.

Your deposit is protected up to €100,000 under the conditions of the DGS.

We safeguard your account with encryption, testing and proactive system surveillance

Start with a free share

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Terms and conditions starting on p. 31 in the BUX Zero Client Agreement.

6.1K+ Reviews
4.2K+ Reviews